Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is still alive and well in our country.  The recent events around the swearing in of the newly appointment justice shines the light again on the fact that there is still an understanding that harassing others is okay, as long as you are in power and have enough power to overcome accusations.  With […]

Managing Teen Drama

  Helping your teen through the forest of high school is not the easiest of tasks.  Daily drama can be hard to manage, and even harder to understand.  I have worked with so many families that struggle with the growing pains for high school.  High school isn’t like it used to be, and kids may need […]

Helping Your Kids With Bullies

Bullies seem to be a part of life, whether a child or adult.  I have to admit I was the victim of bullies growing up.  I was small, and shy, and sometimes it felt like I had a target on my head.  I remember a bully that I had to deal with on the bus, […]