Attachment Disorder Support

This is a very real topic, and one that is hard to think about.  Most people think about attachment related to infants.  Healthy attachment to caregivers gives kids the stepping stones that they need to be successful in life.  As kids grow up, they learn to trust others through healthy attachments, and they go off […]

Let’s Make America Safe Again!

Things in our country are strained, and the violence around us is increasing.  It’s no longer safe to go to the mall, to a concert, or to school.  In my hometown, a realtor was killed by a man who didn’t think that the offer that the realtor secured for his house was fair, so the […]

Emotions Are Healthy

I posted before on the movie, Inside Out.  I really like that movie because it seems to justify emotions, and a need for a range of emotions.  Many people come to therapy to try to eliminate anxiety or depression.  For some, they need help to better manage the emotions, but they never really go away.  Emotions […]

Teen Drama

  Over the years, I have worked with a lot of teens and tweens.  When I grew up in those same years, my family moved multiple times in middle school, and not just house to house, but state to state.  We moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin to Ohio and then to Michigan, where I would […]