Sadness and Depression

For many of my patients, this time of year brings memories and a struggle to get out of bed in the morning.  As odd as it sounds, the holidays are a way to mark time and they help people remember good things, but they also remember disappointment and trauma.  I hear about the loss of […]

Goals for the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, thoughts turn to the New Year, and what it might hold. As we look back on 2018, we think about the people we lost, what we gained, and review the hopes we had this time last year.  As we look forward, we think about our goals for the New […]

Remembering at the Holidays

So many people struggle this time of year, for so many reasons. In the last few weeks I have talked with a number of people that struggle because of events around the holidays. The holiday time, whether you celebrate the holidays or not, carries strong events that help secure things in your memory.  If you […]

Information about Grief

Grief is a struggle for everyone at some point in our lives and it seems appropriate after all the loss recently to talk about the process.   It comes in all different shapes, sizes, kinds and times, and can be devastating and make someone unable to function.  It can begin with a loss, including the death […]

Trauma Recovery

My air conditioning events this week were tough, but easily overcome, relative to the trauma that some have to endure.  Watching the coverage and reading about the issues that are going on in Texas has been hard this week.  The rain has stopped, and the clean up can begin, but the trauma that comes with […]