The Life Cycle

Have you ever thought about the life cycle.  As I think about moving through life, I think about being a kid, getting through the terrible teens, becoming an adult (and all the things that come with that), having kids, being an empty nester, and getting old.  Most of the time it comes in that order, […]

Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is not an easy task.   Although the holidays are not about presents, there are often times when you want to find a gift for someone.  Retailers across the country are trying to get you in the door, and everyone else on the planet, to buy the newest gadget or toy.  Marketers salivate […]

Spreading Too Thin

As a working mother and wife, I often spread myself too thin.  Between helping with homework, getting involved in too many things, working full time, and trying to make everyone happy, sometimes, I drive myself crazy.  When I get that way I have to step back and think about things and pick some things that […]

Keeping the Faith

With Thanksgiving now a memory, and Black Friday in the past, it’s time to reflect on the holiday, and what happens next.  I can only hope that you had a wonderful day with family, and that you were able to enjoy good food and company.  Thanksgiving was just my husband and kids, and we were […]

There’s no place like home.

I love to watch movies around the holidays and recently watched the Wizard of Oz.  Watching the moving this year made me think of things to come, but also about the things I have learned.  Just like Dorothy, sometimes we forget what it means to be home, with family.  Sometimes we forget what it’s like […]

Take a Moment for Yourself, and Relax

Have you ever done relaxation exercises?  Do you wonder how they could help?  Using relaxation every day can help manage anxiety, depression, stress, and so many other things.  If you need ideas, there are lots of ideas across the internet, so do some research and find some options that work for you.  Spending even as little […]

Watching The News

I’m focused on things that can make me happy, and help me feel better.  I love to watch happy movies and other things on television but I do not watch the news on television.  I must admit that I struggle with news channels and the way the news is presented these days.  It really shows […]

Quote for the Day

I have heard this quote before, and it’s been said in similar ways by other people, but it’s so true.  Children and their creativity are the most important resource that we have. Do you see your children as our greatest natural resource?  Are you caring for your resources and protecting them?  Part of a parent’s […]

How To Tell When To Stop Therapy

Being in therapy can help with multiple issues and help you focus on the future, but it’s not suppose to last forever.  There comes a time in treatment when you and your therapist should talk about termination.  It’s really not meant to be for the rest of your life, although many people are in therapy […]

Raising Good Kids

Things last week were focused on my kids.  Things finally feel like we are getting back to whatever normal is.  With both kids in school, and having very different interests, sometimes it’s hard to keep both going at once.  Sometimes I feel like I have plates spinning on poles, and I’m just trying to keep […]