The Holiday Countdown

As the holidays keep moving closer, just wanted to check on how you were doing.  Now is about the time that I start to feel overwhelmed, and ready to pull out my hair.  Planning for gifts, planning for dinner, and worrying about money are all part of the holidays but it’s also part of the […]

Your Meaning of Happiness

The meaning of happiness is defined differently for everyone, especially around the holidays.  I love the lights, decorations, and the food.  My kids like the presents.  Others like being with family and still others are happy just to have an extra day off, and be home alone with peace and quiet.  However you define happiness, […]

Keeping the Faith

With Thanksgiving now a memory, and Black Friday in the past, it’s time to reflect on the holiday, and what happens next.  I can only hope that you had a wonderful day with family, and that you were able to enjoy good food and company.  Thanksgiving was just my husband and kids, and we were […]

Surviving Thanksgiving

So with the holidays coming up, I am struggling to try to manage what I eat.  One of the things I love about the holidays is the food.  There seems to be general trickle of food through the lunch room around the holidays, along with parties.  I would like to think about not gaining 20 […]

Surviving the Holidays

Now that Halloween is over, the holidays are around the corner.  Let’s talk about how to survive the holidays, without needing therapy.  The holidays can be hard for some.  If you have family, sometime spending time with them can be fun and other times it can be very difficult.  If you don’t have family, sometimes […]