Handling the person that is always worse that you.

Florida is still recovering from Hurricane Irma, but just listening to people tell their stories, I want to talk about the person that needs to always “one up” you.  Everyone in Florida has a story to tell, some worse some not so bad.  Everyone is talking about the hurricane, what happened to them, and their […]

We Survived Hurricane Irma

So my family battled the dragon, and came out okay.  Irma was a strong opponent.  She changed her plan, so many times, it was hard to get ahead of her.  We planned and evacuated, but we emerged the winner.  Irma is now in history and over the next few days we will start to recover, […]

Quote For Today:

  We are positioned for Irma, and hoping for the best, and remain hopeful that Monday will bring better weather, and more hope!  Best wishes to all!

Hurricane Irma Frenzy

Hello, from Irma land.  The hurricane is now headed for us, and I’m feeling overwhelmed, but trying to say positive.  My kids are getting worried, watching all the predictions, and I must admit I was better when the hurricane was predicted to go up the east coast of Florida, but now that it’s headed up […]