Adjustment to Medical Issues

Adjustment Disorders are listed in the diagnostic manual for mental health disorders, and generally address emotional responses to events.  They can be in response to trauma and can be identified by the development of depression and anxiety or other mental health issues.  Adjustment disorders generally don’t last long term, and if they do, the practitioner […]

How to Survive Chaos

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of so many events and situations that you had trouble sorting out what you needed to think about first?  I seem to find myself in this situation often, more often than I want to admit.  In helping others, I find that it happens more frequently than anyone […]

Don’t Be Afraid

So many times, we miss opportunities to make changes in our lives because we struggle to take the risk.  Thinking outside the box can open up new options and chances to improve your situation can mean moving your life in a better directions, whether it’s related to relationships, work, or any other situations.  Sometimes, new […]

How to appreciate what you have.

Perception is such an important concept.  It’s one that I talk about often in therapy with my patients, and it can help you feel good about your life, but it can also make you feel miserable.  Carnegie was correct.  What you think about your life is as important as how you feel about your partner, […]

Talking About Depression

Depression is a common emotion that most people experience at some time in life.  Just like happiness or sadness, depression can come from an event or situation, and when the symptoms escalate, there is help.   Depression can cause weight loss, or gain.  It can create sleep issues, and affect work and relationships.  It can […]