Therapy isn’t working!

So you found a therapist, and you have been seeing him/her, but it isn’t working.  Now what?  This is not uncommon, unfortunately.  Some people see their therapist for months before making any progress.  Others see them for a couple weeks and feel better.  A lot will depend on the diagnosis, the type of treatment, and […]

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

This week has been rough, so it was time to get away this weekend, for some fun, and some cleaning.  My husband and I are working on both our homes after the hurricane, and off to our house by Disney to clean up we went.  After a busy day cleaning, we took the evening to […]

Making Therapy work for you.

  So you found a therapist, and you have your next appointment scheduled.  Now what?  When working with a therapist, it helps to have an idea what your goals are for treatment.  The therapist is there to help you on your journey, but they shouldn’t be driving the car.  There is no magic in therapy […]

Teen Drama

  Over the years, I have worked with a lot of teens and tweens.  When I grew up in those same years, my family moved multiple times in middle school, and not just house to house, but state to state.  We moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin to Ohio and then to Michigan, where I would […]