How to Survive the Flu

Getting sick is no fun for anyone, and this week, I got the flu.  Feeling nauseous, having a fever, and spending most of the time in the bathroom is not the way that anyone would want to spend their days.  There is something that we should pay attention to, however, when our body tells us […]

Ways to Manage Stress

In recent days, things have been tough.  It’s tax time.  Our country is still struggling with multiple issues, and just being an adult is hard at times.  We have bills to pay, things to do, and work to keep us busy, and all this makes it more important when it comes to managing stress.  There […]

Making a Promise

We seem to make promises often, to our boss, parent, teacher, or other family member.  Have you ever thought about what it means to make a promise?  When you make a promise, other people rely on your promise and expect you to follow through with that promise.  If you don’t come through, people can be […]

Reflections for the Weekend

I think this was the first weekend in a while that is quiet and at home.  After the hurricane, and having to take care of things at our other house, we are home this weekend and my kids are enjoying spending the day in their pajamas.  After running some errands, I have to admit it’s […]

Taking Care of Myself

This weekend was busy, but I still found some time to take care of myself.  I was able to sleep in Saturday and Sunday( 0730 but that’s good for me!), got to go to my happy place, and was able to get a treat for myself.  In spite of an otherwise busy weekend, I was still […]

Making People Happy

I have been a therapist over 20 years now, and I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t make people happy.  That’s an odd think to admit here, but it’s so very true.  In the past few years, I have tried to make my husband happy, my kids happy, and other family […]

Doing Disney for the Weekend

So, this weekend was a nice get way to Disney, with kids in tow.  Weekends like this are nice because they are not pressured, do not include a plan, and allow for down time.  We stayed at our vacation home from Friday to Sunday, and came home to spend the rest of the weekend just […]

Time for Some Self-Care

No matter what happens in your life, talking time to recharge your batteries is really important.  Self-care is a key piece in being able to stay happy for life.  With the responsibilities at work, and being a parent and a spouse, and a friend, I try to take some time for myself when I can, […]