Surviving Trauma

Sometimes, working with clients, I have to convince them that there are people in the world that want to help others.  Some people grow up with the idea that people don’t care.  We learn how to relate to people by how we are treated by our family.  We learn what to think about others, but […]

Quote for Today

In the more recent days, Americans have come together to show what strength they have, even if they didn’t know it.  This post is for the heroes around the country.  They ones helping people in Puerto Rico, after the hurricane devastated the area.  For the heroes in Texas, that rescued so many people after the […]

Problem Managed!

Well after an awful night, I’m happy to report that the temperature is coming down in the house.  Our crisis has been managed, although at a cost, and I’m hoping no more air conditioning issues for a while.  I have to say, however, that focusing on the positive did help me get through.   When I started this […]