Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself is a very tough thing to do.  As we go through life, I believe that there are many times when we say and do things that we would like to take back, or try to do again.   I think about events in my history, and some things I would happily repeat,  but others […]

We Survived Hurricane Irma

So my family battled the dragon, and came out okay.  Irma was a strong opponent.  She changed her plan, so many times, it was hard to get ahead of her.  We planned and evacuated, but we emerged the winner.  Irma is now in history and over the next few days we will start to recover, […]

Trauma Recovery

My air conditioning events this week were tough, but easily overcome, relative to the trauma that some have to endure.  Watching the coverage and reading about the issues that are going on in Texas has been hard this week.  The rain has stopped, and the clean up can begin, but the trauma that comes with […]