Doing Disney for the Weekend

So, this weekend was a nice get way to Disney, with kids in tow.  Weekends like this are nice because they are not pressured, do not include a plan, and allow for down time.  We stayed at our vacation home from Friday to Sunday, and came home to spend the rest of the weekend just doing things around the house.

Sometimes, I just like to go to the Disney World area, and go to the stores around the park.  From Target to Winn Dixie, every place has souvenirs to look through.  I don’t need any more souvenirs, but sometimes it’s fun to window shop.  The area has so many options for shopping in the area, from expensive to cheap, so whatever you are looking for, you could probably find it.  I’m not a shopper, but I like looking around.

We did go the Disney Studios, and my kids got to ride the Rockin’ Rollercoaster for the first time.   The picture of us at the end of the ride was priceless.  My youngest looked terrified in the picture, but she got off and had a good time.  They were really nervous about the coaster before, and just haven’t wanted to do it.  They finally gathered the courage, and the correct motivation (their friends said they should do it) and they did it.  Nice job!

Also went over to EPCOT and made a trip around the world showcase.  They are gearing up for the Food and Wine Festival, so lots of things going on, but the decorations aren’t all up yet.  Can’t wait for the festival!  Still lots of people (some of them drunk) but all having a good time.  All the wonderful food at the park keeps me coming back, and the music is really good too.  They had an acappella choir this weekend, that was wonderful.

I never made it to an evening show, but just being there helps me recharge.  Watching the people, listening to the music, and seeing how things change is just fun for me.  Even with the crying children (I have been there so I understand) it’s a nice afternoon.  I am looking forward to the fall when it’s cooler, however.  I’m over the walking around and melting in the sun.

I had a chance to just sit in the shade for awhile and watch people go by.  I can do this anywhere, but at Disney, it’s really entertaining.  The kids are soo cute and people are just having fun.  I watched parents talking to their kids about other countries, people laughing and having fun, and people dancing to the music.  That reminds me that being happy can mean lots of things, not just rides and food.

So my weekend was good.  I was able to get away, enjoy some time with my kids, and relax and recharge.  I hope you were able to recharge too, whether you were at home or whether you got away to your own happy place.  Never stop recharging your batteries.  You have to do that, even if getting away from the house is walking to the park on the corner.  Don’t underestimate the power of a change of scenery!