Reflections for the Weekend

I think this was the first weekend in a while that is quiet and at home.  After the hurricane, and having to take care of things at our other house, we are home this weekend and my kids are enjoying spending the day in their pajamas.  After running some errands, I have to admit it’s […]

Trust and Healthy Relationships

Having a healthy relationship is work.  It takes good communication, patience, and commitment.  When it comes to trust, past relationships are a big part of how we trust in the future.  The ability to trust others depends on not only childhood relationships, but also on adult relationships that we have with partners, friends, and peers.  As […]

Quote of the Day

I have to say that words can’t express how much I respect Martin Luther King, JR.  He was a voice in a difficult time and paid with his life for what he believed.  He raised awareness and spoke the truth.  I am nervous writing this post, because I’m hoping that my thoughts are clear, but […]

Healthy Relationships and Attachment

Part of being in a healthy relationship, whether a marriage, friendship, or partnership for work, is being able to connect to others, on a deeper level.  Some people have that ability, but others have issues with trust that can get in the way.  How people grow up either helps with this issue, or places road […]

Communication in Healthy relationships

Communication is such a big part of healthy relationships, and how you communicate with others is very important.  There are many different communication styles, and we can talk about those in the future, but for now, let’s talk about the importance.  Communication is about the exchange of ideas, but communicating in a way that the […]

Taking Care of Myself

This weekend was busy, but I still found some time to take care of myself.  I was able to sleep in Saturday and Sunday( 0730 but that’s good for me!), got to go to my happy place, and was able to get a treat for myself.  In spite of an otherwise busy weekend, I was still […]

Creating Healthy Relationships

Creating healthy relationships starts with creating a healthy relationship with yourself.  Working on yourself includes things we have already talked about, like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercise, but there is so much more.  Let’s talk about the difference between being assertive and aggressive, being supportive and being controlling, and being strong and being […]

Have the courage to pursue your dreams!

Always have the courage to pursue your dreams!  To go with that, always have dreams to pursue! I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about dreams that I have for the future.  It helps me remember that there are reasons that I do things today.  I think about camping, traveling, going […]

Let’s Talk about Good Habits

Good habits lead to being happy, and healthy, and reaching your goals for life.  Everyone has habits, and please understand that I do too.  I have good habits, and bad habits, that I’m working on.  In working on myself and working with others, there seems to be a few basic habits to talk about.  I don’t […]

Therapy isn’t working!

So you found a therapist, and you have been seeing him/her, but it isn’t working.  Now what?  This is not uncommon, unfortunately.  Some people see their therapist for months before making any progress.  Others see them for a couple weeks and feel better.  A lot will depend on the diagnosis, the type of treatment, and […]