The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2017


It’s that time of year again, and the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival started this week.  With all the food booths, and all the deserts, it was nice to get away from the sad news and problems at home have some fun at the festival.  Of course, I was not the only one checking out the festival, and the crowds were heavy, but it was still fun to see the beginning of the festival.


I started out at the Festival Center, and got my Passholder Button, and found out about the other buttons for pass holders to collect as well.  The center was bustling with people and all the new merchandise to offer.  There are lots of new things for this festival, including a cook book with recipes from the festival to make at home.


After my trip to the festival center,  it was early, so I rode the Finding Nemo ride, and watched the manatees for a while.  I could watch them all day, and it was feeding time so they were happily eating breakfast.  Watching them, they are slow and steady, and beautiful, and so calming.  Then it was off to start trying things at the festival.  I started in the front, and made it to four different places.  The food was amazing, as usual, and I checked out the new “Light Lab”, for a cotton candy drink.  It was very interesting, and they actually put cotton candy in the drink, but it was certainly not my favorite.

The festival is all over, as usual.  I stayed close to the front for the beginning of my tour, and hit the stands by Future World West.   I’m so looking forward to cooler weather later in the festival.  It’s still pretty hot in Florida, but there were lots of people enjoying the food and drink.

I really enjoy the festival, because of the people watching and trying new things.  It also helps me stay positive, just getting out, meeting people, and shopping (although I don’t really buy anything.  Just like to look at all the stuff).  I told my kids that I would rather be walking around at Disney than sitting on the couch at home watching TV.  Somehow, it makes me feel more connected.

I picked up the cookbook today, and will have to update you on the recipes in the future, after I’m able to try a few.  Cooking for my family is tough at times, because they don’t tend to like anything, but I love to cook and bake.  It’s fun and is a great way to be creative, even if you are cooking with a recipe.  One of the things I’m hoping to make came from “Earth Eats”.  It’s the beef skewers, and it was so good.  The salad with it has apricots and was wonderful.

This is just the first weekend, but it was a good start.  I never made it to the world showcase,

but there is plenty of time for more adventures.  I enjoy Disney, but I know that I’m lucky living in Florida.  What do you like to do after a rough week to get out and renew yourself?  Don’t underestimate trying a new restaurant in your neighborhood if you are able.  Also, something as simple as getting out for ice cream can help re-energize.  Find a place in your area that’s quiet if you need quite, or a place to people watch if you need people.  Take time and get out of the house and change your perspective.  That can help you focus on staying positive and happy.