Managing Teen Drama


Helping your teen through the forest of high school is not the easiest of tasks.  Daily drama can be hard to manage, and even harder to understand.  I have worked with so many families that struggle with the growing pains for high school.  High school isn’t like it used to be, and kids may need a bit more support to get through.


High school is a rough time, just like middle school.  Kids are trying to find out who they are and what their future holds.  In the past, I have worked with families of teens having trouble with so many things.  Watching your kids go through things is so hard when all you want to do is make things better, but trying to fix things may not be the answer.  Allowing them to figure out the answers can help them well into the future.

Oddly enough, there seems to trends.  In the past, I worked with kids who were cutting themselves.  Talking with many teens related to this issue, I heard often that it helped them feel.  They often deny wanting to end their lives, but it seemed to be a way to help them feel something on the outside, when they were hurting so much on the inside.  These days, being bullied doesn’t just happen at school.  It can happen at home just as easy, when the world is there in your living room through the internet.  Even though teens should be able to spread their wings, parents still need to keep track of what is happening.  Teens can be stalked and bullied on social media, just as easily as they can at school.  Social media has opened up so many interesting options, but it’s also opened lots of wounds on teens and adults.

Other trends I have worked with is the idea that being gay is trendy.  As young adults try things on to see if they fit, lots of different things happen.  Parents struggle to shape their kids, but some things can’t be shaped.  Left to decide who they are, young people will be able to decide what they need with support and encouragement.  As the world changes, and hopefully becomes more accepting of everyone’s likes and differences, kids can find their way and like who they become.  That can help with healthy living and good mental health.

The other thing that seems to happen, and that I hope with spark an outcry, is that teens start hurting each other while dating, and I don’t mean heart break.  I have worked with teens whose boyfriend, or girlfriend, is hurting them.  Hitting each other is not okay, and should not be overlooked.  With so many things happening in the teen world, parents need to pay attention and be ready to offer support and education.  My hope is always that teens can talk with their parents about things that are happening, and parents can use those teaching moments to help education.  Once again, education is best, not fixing unless the teen asks for that kind of help.

Raising good, healthy kids, is hard, and surviving high school is even harder, but it can be done.  It’s best when there’s someone to talk to and direct.  The hope is that teens have that someone to talk to, and if it’s not their parents that they still have someone to help them navigate the world.  Even as old as I am, I still look to my parents for advice a lot.  It’s all part of being happy, for life.