I Love Legos!

Greetings, I have to say that I so love Legos.  While at Disney over the weekend, we stopped at the Lego store.  I watched the races that they have, and my kids built planes, and cars and all kinds of things at the building areas.  There are so many things you can build, and I’m always surprised by the new displays they have.

When we went over the weekend, they had new Star Wars figures, including Yoda and Darth Vader, and they were huge and so amazing.  I stopped to see the Cinderella Castle made of Legos, and enjoyed watching kids with the Woody and Buzz statues that were taller than most of the kids, and some of the parents too.  The creativity is always impressive.  I just wish I had half the creativity it takes to make all those displays.

We also went other places at Downtown Disney to see decorations and do a bit of shopping.  I stopped at the new pastry store, just outside the World of Disney, and I’m so glad I did.  They had a beautiful gingerbread display of places downtown, sorry, in Disney Springs. (I have to admit that it will always be downtown to me. )   Just the detail on the display was worthy of extra time in the store.  The other things there are yummy, but no treats today.  I have to admit that it will always be downtown to me.  

Everywhere at Disney was busy for the holidays.  Of course the weekend is always busy but today there were many people around, Christmas shopping and looking at the decorations.  Everything is so festive, and the lights are beautiful.  The weather was less than favorable.  We had family in town from up north, and at about 50 degrees, I have to admit it was cold!  I have been in Florida about two and a half years now, and anything less than 70 degrees feels chilly.  I feel like a wimp!

I got to watch families and kids over the weekend, as well.  It was so cute to see all the kids all bundled up to stay warm.  My kids really miss the snow, but they were cold without jackets (just layers and sweatshirts).  We really don’t have any winter clothes anymore, but we sure could have used them yesterday.  For the couple days a year we need them, now sure it’s worth the expense, but next time it’s cold, no sitting outside!

For all the events over the weekend, I still love the Lego displays.  The creativity is wonderful.  I don’t think there is anything artists can’t make out of Legos.  My kids like them too, and can build amazing things.  The houses and planes and cars come from creativity that I don’t have.  I guess Legos are this generations Lincoln Logs, or building blocks.  With endless possibilities, Legos are the newest options for creativity, limited only by imagination.

As you think about the holidays, don’t forget about creative gifts, like Legos.  They really hurt your feet when you step on them, so it’s recommended that they stay in the bucket when not used.  You can build anything, from a car to a castle, and from Santa to an eight foot Darth Vader.  The possibilities are limitless, and the excitement can help you be happy for life.