Making People Happy

The noblest art is that of making people happy.

P. T. Barnum


After watching The Greatest Showman, I kept thinking about the movie.  It was interesting to think about how the circus got started, and how people who had been outcasts, found a place.  I know there is likely more to the story, and the movie may not be accurate in how the performers were treated, but it made me wonder how amazing it would be for someone who felt like an outcast to find a place in a world that had been so hurtful.  There are stories of people being bullied over the years, and more stories recently about kids taking their own lives after being bullied at school.  It touches my heart to think that there may be some people who just want to make people happy.

I have a big respect for people who just try to make someone happy, because it’s the right thing to do.   Some people even can make a living doing it, like Barnum.  When I think about people in my life, I think about all the positive role models I had.  From teachers, to mentors, I had genuine people in my life who were supportive and encouraging.  They taught me about life, about love, and about caring about other people.  They encouraged me to do things that made me happy, but also to try new things that helped me grow.  Thanks to them, I feel that I am becoming the person that I was meant to be, although I have more work to do to fully make that happen.

I think it’s interesting to read and see things from people who do things because they enjoy the task.  I respected the teachers who were in the classroom to help young minds.  I struggled with teachers who just seemed to be in the classroom to get a paycheck, and have summers off.  It was always easier to learn from teachers that really seemed connected to their subjects.  I remember a history teacher that seemed more interested in doing things at his desk than he was helping the students sitting in front of him.  I didn’t do well in the class, and hated history.

While doing a lot of theater, I remember working with people who were passionate about the theater.  I worked with a director that was amazing putting shows together.  She would put things together and make people happy, and sad, and provide amazing entertainment (for a small town).  I worked with people who loved the theater, and people who weren’t there for the right reasons.  I always new it would be a good show when I was working with a cast, and crew, that truly enjoyed what they were doing.  That’s what made it fun.

In the end, I hope to play a part in making people happy.  I work with people, struggling to make changes in their life, in order to improve their quality of life.  I haven’t been on stage in years, but I would like to think it might be a part of my future.  I love to sing, and would like to think that would be a part of my future too.  How can you make people happy?  What do you do to help others?  The Greatest Showman may have been a movie, but the idea of making people happy is a good one, and it is an art.  Even Kermit the Frog wanted to make people happy.  Be careful that people don’t take advantage of you, but try helping others.  I could help make you happy, and be a part of being happy for life.