Let It Be Enough

This weekend has been about reflection.  Sometimes we need to stop and think about what we want, who we are, and where we are going.  Other times, things get thrown in the mix and we have to stop and re-evaluate.  I work with people, most days, to help them be less critical of themselves, but this weekend it was time to take my own advice.  This weekend was spent getting caught up with the endless amount of chores that need to be done, and errands that need to be run. I sit at the end of the weekend and I can say that not everything got done.  Even so, I did enough.

I often have trouble being in the present.  I am a planner, and spend way too much time thinking about the future, but I am trying to get better at living in the present.  Of course, the present has chores, responsibilities, homework, and so many other things that I would like to avoid.  It’s more fun to live in the future, like when I’m retired and don’t have to work any more.  I can only hope that I’m healthy and able to enjoy it.  As you think about your present, what do you appreciate and what causes you to struggle?  I hate laundry!  I love visiting Disney, but you probably knew that already.  I hate dusting, but I like going for walks.  There is always good and bad, related to living in the present, but being in the present means you don’t miss anything.

My kids are getting older, and I know I don’t have many years left with them.  That’s another reason for living more in the present.  Being home this weekend let us get caught up with family things, and kid stuff.  Shopping for eye glasses, getting hair cuts, and another trip to the grocery store rounded out the weekend, as well as getting a car fixed, cleaning around the house, and other errands.  The errands seem endless and overwhelming at times, but this weekend, I did enough.  I have to keep saying that, because I’m the first to beat myself up for not doing enough.

Looking to the week ahead, there is more to do, like more laundry and cleaning and everything else.  The chores never seem to stop, but I am getting better at prioritizing, and letting things go.  When my oldest child was born, I started washing dishes by hand because it was the only think I felt like I could get done at the end of the day.  It became clear to be quickly that raising children doesn’t end.  I have come to understand that it never ends, even when they move out.  I still have my mother and I am more aware then ever how much I still rely on her.  I fully understand that my kids will need me the same way, which why at the end of the day when my kids were younger I didn’t feel that I was doing much, but at least the dishes were done.

I work on chores, raising my kids, and doing what I can for myself, and at the end of the day, it should be enough.  Today, it was enough.  I can be proud of all that I did over the last week, and I will be ready for what the new week has in store.  Whatever come, I will deal with it and be okay.  I am enough, and I am working on being happy, no matter what comes to pass.