Taking Chances

There is something to be said for living in a way where things are predictable and organized.  It helps with raising children because it helps organize their world and gives them the skills to organize other things as well.  There can be a comfort in knowing what to expect, where things are, and how things work, but there is also value in taking chances and doing things that are outside your box.   Taking chances can help you see things from a different perspective.  That different view might lead you to a new career, a new path, or a new love.  

Taking chances can mean something as simple as trying a new food or taking a different route to work.  It could also mean applying for that job out of state that you have been thinking about.   It could mean quitting your job, packing an RV and setting out on a wild adventure across the country that you always wanted to take.  Taking chances involves getting out of your comfort zone and trying something that might bring you happy memories, but trying something that might put you at risk is not the point of this post.  Taking chances on issues like drugs or people who aren’t safe or making good choices probably won’t bring happiness, so be careful.

When I think about taking chances, I think about going to school, moving across country to start a new career or healthy lifestyle, or becoming a part of an organization that helps others.  Some people think about bungee jumping, kite surfing, or hang gliding.  Although those things aren’t for me, they are exciting and worth the risk if you like the adrenaline rush.  Other people might think about adding new ingredients to their recipes.  When it comes to taking chances, anything goes, if it can lead you to new ideas about how to improve your life.

In working with patients, I encourage them to make changes and take risks that can enhance their lives, but sometimes, it’s risks that are scary.  If someone is in a bad relationship, the risk may be to leave and start new.  That that can be a very scary thought.  The idea of starting over alone is hard for some.  There are other times where taking risks can mean hard decisions, like being faced with medical issues and having to make hard choices about the future.  In that case, the risk might be to agree to a treatment that could put your health at risk, but also save your life.  Taking chances can be scary, but the hope is that it can lead in a happy direction.

As you think about taking chances, think about how changes can enhance your life, but also they can cause more trouble.  If you take off to live full time on the road, plan for issues to manage the risk.  Do your research, have a plan, and decide if taking the risk is worth it for you.  If you a leaving a bad relationship, take the risk, but make sure you are safe.  No matter what. taking chances can help make positive changes in your life, and can help you be happy for life.