What’s Happening at Disney World

Posted on August 8, 2018 by in Disney

I was lucky enough to make my way to Disney over the weekend and got to see lots of the new things happening.  From The Studios, to just driving around, there is lots of construction, as The World gets ready for its 50th anniversary in 2021.  There was so much going on, it was hard to know the end result of everything, but it was fun to anticipate and see the chaos.  After all the changes to Downtown Disney, now Disney Springs, it would be expected that things would continue to grow and change.  After all, that’s was Walt Disney wanted, something that “would never be finished”.

I started in The Studios with the new Toy Story land.  Everything was so big and fun.  The crowds were patient, and the lines were not as long as I thought.  I was only an hour for the new Slinky Dog roller coaster, and about 30 minutes for the other new ride.  I passed the Army men, greeting people as they came into the area, and Buzz Lightyear,  and even found the new entrance to Toy Story Mania.  Didn’t realize that was changing, but I understand why.   There is a new quick service restaurant and lots of great places for pictures.  As I walk around the park, I always have a lot of respect for the characters in the park.   Those costumes always look so hot, and the poor army men have to contend with giant saucers on their feet.  I think that must take some practice not to fall on your face.  All in all, the area was fun and full of energy.

Coming into the park, there is lots of construction as well along the way.  Of course they are still working on the new Star Wars part of the park (which won’t be open until 2019), but I saw for the first time the beginning of the new gondola system that will serve the resorts in the area.  I stopped to talk with a couple cast members and heard about the plan to connect Caribbean Beach Resort, Animation and Pop Century resorts, and another resort under construction (I think that is what I remember).  It was very exciting.  I remember visiting the Magic Kingdom as  a kid and I believe they had a gondola ride back then, but I have a feeling this is on a much grander scale.

As I walked through other areas, and rode the bus around, I noticed other things as well.  More construction by the new solar panels by EPCOT, the new traffic patterns being developed around the Magic Kingdom, and partitions in the Magic Kingdom signifying changes and upgrade to some of the places around the park.   Even the Carousel was draped with mystery, and undergoing changes.  One of the things I enjoy about Disney World is it doesn’t stay the same.  Whether it’s adding new resorts, building new experiences, or planning new shows, there is always something new to see and do.

If you have been back recently, start planning.  If you haven’t been in a while, prepare to be confused as you think about that comes next.  I ended my evening with the Magic Kingdom fireworks, currently my favorite in the part, to renew my “courage to fly” like Tinkerbell.  If you need some pixie dust, like I do now and then, plan a getaway.  It helps in your quest to be happy, for life.