Looking for the Jewel

In seeing Veteran’s recently, they are very concerned over the state of our country.  After seeing a patient recently, I thought of a movie, Jewel of the Nile.  If you saw the movie, you know that the main characters initially think they are looking jewel, small and worth a great deal of money.  What they find out is the Jewel is a man.  The Jewel of the Nile ended up being a healer that helped calm a country, stop tyranny, and walk through fire.  He was calm, collected, smart, and knew how to enhance the best in people.  We need a Jewel, to help put out the fires of hate and racism.

As I continue to read the news, there continues to be hate and an ultimate lack of respect for each other.  Cyber bullies continue to lurk in chat rooms, shaming undeserving patrons, and real life bullies continue to attack others, even a 9 year old boy who just wanted to be who he was.  I read a story recently about a young boy who killed himself because when he came out as gay, the other kids at school were horrible to him.  I can’t prove the story is real, but I know how horrible kids can be at school, and schools struggle to stay on top of the issues.   I had to help my own kids through bullying at school, with little help from the school to really make a difference.

Why do we need to justify our hate of others by finding fault in their way of life?  Whether it’s their choice of partner, their religion, or the color of their skin, don’t we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?   I hear people making assumptions about others simply by how they look.  When will we learn that we can’t understand a person simply by seeing them on the news, or walking down the street?  Everyone has a story, and I will never say that the story doesn’t include breaking the law, but don’t judge until you have facts.  Don’t make assumptions, because “I just know”.  Unless you have done a full investigation, you don’t know.

I am a firm believer that bullies and people who judge others have issues that need to be addressed.  They may not be happy with their own lives, and as a result need others to feel worse than they do.  Their behavior is a cry for help, but because of their actions, they don’t get the help they need.   Now we are back to the state of the mental health crisis in our country.  We have more of a need for stuff, than we have of a need to care for others of all races, creeds, and backgrounds.  Our politicians attack each other and role model bad behavior.  This is not what I want for my kids.

The Jewel of the Nile walked through fire, calming the tension, and giving hope for the future.  We need a voice to come forward who can work with all human beings, to help us respect each other again.  Together we could make America great.  But if we choose hate and oppression, we can’t win.  If history has shown us anything, it’s that we all have to compromise and respect our differences.  That will calm the fires of our country and our world.  Only that will help us in our quest to be happy, for life.