Disney World Under Construction

I made it “home” this past weekend, to see my happy place once again.  The Food and Wine Festival is still going strong, and I attended Sister Hazel at the American Pavilion, after they stepped in for Smashed Mouth due to illness.  The weather was very nice initially, but got warmer, so yes it’s still hot in Florida.  The crowds were big but the food is great and it was fun just finding a place to sit and watch all the great t-shirts go by.  I even managed to get my Passholder cutting board, so it was a good weekend.  As I wandered around the World this weekend, it occurred to me that there is a lot of construction happening, everywhere.

I stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, and I didn’t realize how much that resort changed since I was there last.  The room I had last time, doesn’t exist any more, and there is a new Disney Vacation Club Resort being built where the check in desk and front buildings used to be.  I looked it up and found that it will have a rooftop dining option, with views of the fireworks at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.  The hotel is a tower style, and can be seen from check in at the Caribbean Beach Resort main pool.  Not a whole lot known yet, but it will be connected to the two closest parks by the new transportation option.

If you haven’t been to The World recently, be careful when you try to get around.  There are a number of traffic revisions, so take heed.  If you are driving, watch out for changes.  The changes around ESPN and around the Magic Kingdom I’m sure will help the patterns in the long run, but for now, there are people getting lost, turned around, and having trouble getting to where they need to be.  I would imagine that even more changes are coming so make sure you check some of the boards for changes in the traffic patterns.

There are also lots of cranes around the World.  There is a new metal structure at the entrance of EPCOT.  Hollywood Studios is still getting ready to open the new Star Wars area, and the new Parking structure looks almost ready, by Disney Springs, if it’s not open already.  More things are happening than ever, as things get updated and changed.  There is even a Star Wars Hotel in the works, but not enough information yet.

Disney World opened October 1, 1971, and the 50th anniversary is around the corner.  My guess is that the Imagineers are working on bring in the anniversary with many new experiences.  The World is getting an upgrade, even the airport busses I saw had a new updated logo.  They look great!  I say, I can’t wait.

One of the best things about Disney is that there is always something happening, but for now, there is so much that it’s hard to know it all.  Just riding around watching all the changes happen was exciting, and getting to see it when it’s done is the best part.  If you haven’t been to the World in a while, you haven’t been.  Disney World is my happy place, and it’s not for everyone, but if you have considered coming to the World, do it.  It’s part of my being happy, for life.