Being Happy for Life…

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney (from

Being happy in life takes work.  Never stop working to be happy, trying every new day to see a new perspective.  People will try to make you angry, make you sad, and make you frustrated.  Don’t give them the power.   Have the courage to be your own person and be happy.  Follow your heart.  Try new things.  Be a part of your community.  Enjoy your family, and try to be happy for life.

As our country struggles to remember how to work together, is more important than ever to focus on the positive.  Don’t just believe something you read, research and find out more about it.  Develop you own beliefs, through education and getting different perspectives and information.  Don’t make judgments about others.  Talk with them to find out who they are.  Get information, from both sides of the argument before you make a decision.  Don’t believe everything your read or hear, without understanding the reasons for the conflict.  Great things can happen when you understand information.  It can help you be happy, for life.