About us…

Welcome, let me introduce myself.  I’m Kim and I am a therapist with 20+ years experience, and  I work with people around improving their lives.  There is so much involved in  keeping a positive outlook on life, and most need help now and then, including me.  Please understand, I know that no one can be happy all the time.  A range of emotions are healthy and depend on the situation, but my goal is to try to help others stay positive, no matter what curves you get thrown.  There are many people that can’t afford to see a therapist, and don’t have the time.  With this site, I’m hoping to help provide support, direct to services, and just putIMG_0784[1] something positive in your life.

I’m married, with two daughters, one currently in high school and the younger daughter in middle school.  They can be a handful, but my husband has issues with depression and anxiety that keep me on my toes.  I am very blessed to have my parents for support, and extended family and friends that help me in many different ways.

As I think about how to manage the information on my blog, I figured that I would start with things that make me happy.  If you ask my family, they would tell you that anything Disney makes me happy.  I have Disney drinking glasses, plates and silverware so that I can have a little Disney every day.  I go to Disney whenever I can, and just like to wander the property.

I have to say that there many other things that make me happy. Little things, like spending time with family, meeting new people, baking, and camping, make me happy.  I have things that don’t cost anything to things that I have to save for, like vacations.  I’m hoping to share some of those things with you, and hope that you will share some things with me.  So lets start seeing the glass half full, instead of half empty, together.